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6 Amenities You Should Consider for Your New Custom Home

Are you planning to build a new custom home? Read on and discover some of the amenities that you should consider including as that home is designed or constructed.

Open Floor Plans

Your new custom home will be airy and expansive if you opt for an open floor plan. Such a plan keeps the use of interior walls to a minimum. Instead, partitions, glass and panels are used to create demarcations between the spaces which are designated for different uses. Your home will have a sense of continuity if this floor plan is selected.

Commercial-Grade Kitchen

The kitchen is often the centre of activity in your home whenever you host guests. Consider making this space as suitable for its role as possible by selecting appliances and features which can be found in commercial kitchens. These include a walk-in-pantry and double-dishwashers. Your kitchen will never fail to meet your needs if it starts out at this level.

A Spa Bathroom

A luxurious bathroom can help you to unwind after a tiring day. Such a bathroom can be designed to have a freestanding bathtub to allow you to lie and soak in bath oils. The spa bathroom can also have a walk-in shower with an array of shower jets to directing water at your entire body.

A Wine Cellar

You should also consider including a wine cellar in your home if you are a wine enthusiast. The wine cellar will allow you to keep your wine collection at the appropriate temperature for each bottle which you have in your possession.

An Outdoor Pool and Kitchen

It is also wise to consider including an outdoor swimming pool as you build your custom home. The pool will provide a central outdoor feature around which you can entertain your family and friends during the warmer months of the year. That pool should be paired with an outdoor kitchen which can allow you to cook without moving to and from the kitchen inside the house when you are entertaining guests.

A Home Office

Modern employment patterns are changing rapidly. It is good to have a home office so that you can work comfortably on those days when you don't want to leave home. The home office should be customised to suit the specific kinds of work which you are likely to engage in. For example, a lawyer may need a home office which can allow him or her to meet clients and have a collection of law books to refer to.

Discuss the amenities above with the custom home designer/builder and select those that are most appropriate to your needs.

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