The thought of an accident in your backyard pool is truly unsettling. Statistically speaking, backyard pools are the least likely place for a drowning to occur when compared to other bodies of water, and yet you need to be sure that your pool is as safe as possible. This arguably becomes more critical when you have young children who might not yet understand the potential danger of the water, nor might they have adequate swimming skills if they were to enter the water without your knowledge. If you feel that your pool could benefit from a safety upgrade, what are some things to consider?

1. An Unobstructed View

You should be able to tell at a glance if anything is amiss in your pool, namely if your children are in or near the water. This is why the aesthetics of glass pool fencing can be beneficial in terms of water safety. To take it further, you might wish to opt for frameless glass pool fencing so there is a truly unobstructed view of the water from all angles. The gate to the pool should be self-latching, and you could even have a lockable gate so that your children can only have access to the pool when you decide so. For any planned changes to your pool fencing, you will need to check that the modifications are compliant with your local regulations, which can vary significantly depending on where in Australia you live.

2. An Immersion Alarm

This device adds an extra level of safety beyond the capabilities of the pool fence. If your child was to be able to make their way inside the fencing, the alarm would notify you when they enter the water, whether by willingly climbing in or fall in. It's a small device that is installed on the edge of the pool, with a sensor feeding down into the water. When someone enters the water, the addition of their body mass to the pool water creates a small pressure wave, which although seemingly imperceptible, triggers the alarm, allowing you to quickly check to see if your child has fallen or is using the pool without permission.

3. Safety Skills

While you can take certain steps to prevent your child from entering the pool, you should also ensure that everyone is armed with the necessary knowledge to make usage of the pool as safe as possible. But what does this entail? You might wish to invest in proper swimming lessons for your child, allowing them to know how to handle themselves in the water. They should know the location of every ladder or set of stairs that will allow them to exit the pool if they should fall in. You might also wish to learn CPR so that you can assist in the unlikely event of a serious accident in the pool.

Swimming pool safety is something that weighs on every parent's mind. By taking a few extra safety precautions, you can make that weight a bit lighter.