When you are planning to move out of your leased property, you need to think carefully about the cleaning to be done at the end of the lease. The landlord will not issue back your bond until they have inspected the leased space and ascertained that it is in more or less the condition that it was in when you took ownership. Before you start the cleaning, it is important to understand the requirements that the landlords demand to be met before the bond is refunded.

Empty the house before starting the cleaning

When starting an end of lease cleaning, you need to make rid the house of all its furniture and other household items. There are people who hold the belief that it is possible to clean the house properly while you are still living in it, but the reality is that it is close to impossible to make this happen because the moment you move appliances you will notice the stains which will have formed around them. Have the moving company take your household items to your new home before you start cleaning. An empty house is easier to clean effectively.

Empty all the household bins, cupboards, shelving and drawers

Before the scrubbing starts, you need to make sure that all parts of the house which have the capacity to hold waste have been properly emptied out before the cleaning starts. Check all the household bins and make sure that they are clean and empty. Move to the cupboards, cabinets, pantry and other shelving and make sure that they are empty and clean. Cleaning before emptying will just give you a double task of cleaning up later.

Hire a professional to assist

Another thing that you can do is get the assistance of a professional cleaner for the end of lease cleanup. This will be very useful when you want to get your bond money back. The cleaners will cost you a very little amount compared to letting your entire bond money go because of cleaning issues. The cleaners will do a thorough cleanup of the entire house and ensure that the landlord approves of its state.

In addition to these tips, it helps to make a check list of all the aspects of your house that you need cleaned. In addition to this, make sure that you and the landlord are on the same page on the condition that the house was in before the cleaning started.