Building inspections are useful to both the seller of the property and the person buying/constructing at the property. Inspections can be done by a third party inspector or a city building inspector. Building inspections are for the purpose of detailing potential safety hazards or any kind of defects and problems with the building.

The report drafted by the inspector covers recommendations on how to remedy the existing problems. You cannot continue with construction if you don't correct the problems identified. Here are a few tips on how to pass your building inspection.

Have a Building Permit

The Building Regulations 2006 (the Regulations) legislate that all building work is subject to the issuing of a building permit. It's therefore advisable to have your building permit on site for the inspector to review at their convenience.

Competent Staff

Building a professional team of people with good communication skills is important to passing your building inspection. The building inspector should be able to contact your staff for any inquiries, so it's best to have a contact sheet ready and available at one spot in the building.

Your staff should also be ready to answer questions and requests by the inspector, especially your electricians and plumbers.

Have plan specifications for all the appliances

Plan specifications for the appliances in the building is also important. For example, the working manual for the lighting stem and/or any special appliances in the building should be readily available. It helps to have these specifications at the same spot as the building permit and the staff contact sheet.

Have Materials for the job on site

In the event that you're still constructing the building, it's advisable to have materials for your job on-site. This shows the inspector that the project is progressing on the required timelines.

Make sure the Job site is clean

It goes without saying that the building should be clean and tidy. A tidy space is likely to contribute to passing the building inspection. Having a clean workspace also helps motivate your staff to keep up with their tasks and responsibilities.

Be ready to take notes of what the inspector says

If you're at the site when the inspector is compiling the building inspections report, be sure to take notes of his findings and work towards rectifying the potential problems found. This will keep you on top of any issues that may affect the operations of your building and put you in a position to rectify them.