When looking for natural turf supplies for your yard, you will come across an array of options ranging from buffalo turf to sapphire, buffalo and so on. However, one species of grass remains a favourite for homeowners, and that is kikuyu turf. This species of grass provides an assortment of benefits, which makes it a convenient option for people that are looking for a basic cover for their lawn. But the question remains, what does this grass have to offer that other species of grass do not deliver? Here are a few reasons why kikuyu turf is an ideal choice for any lawn.

Kikuyu turf germinates easily

One of the main reasons why kikuyu grass is one of the preferred lawn supplies is its innate ability to establish with ease. Once the seeds have been planted in your yard, they will germinate at an incredibly fast rate. Furthermore, the kikuyu turf seeds do not require any particular type of soil to thrive, so it can be planted in any location. A fun fact about kikuyu turf is that this easy germination even got the federal government to classify it as a weed, but fortunately, this classification does not extend to people who want to cultivate it privately on their properties.

Kikuyu turf spreads quickly

A typical reason why some homeowners fail at maintaining a lawn is that their grass seeds may germinate but then encounter problems when it comes to populating the soil. Kikuyu turf is one of the species that does not have this issue. As soon as the turf has become established in the soil, its stolons and rhizomes steadily creep both below and above ground to create a layer of grass on your property. In a short period, your entire lawn will have lush cover. In fact, it is recommended to erect a barrier around the area you are looking to grow the grass to prevent the kikuyu turf from encroaching other areas of your property.

Kikuyu turf heals fast

Homeowners who have pets or young children may be wary about planting grass on their lawn, as the turf will be vulnerable to damage from boisterous play. Fortunately, this is not a concern to have when you resort to planting kikuyu turf on your property. Firstly, the turf forms a thick mat on your yard, which provides sufficient cushioning from falls. Secondly, when the blades of grass acquire damage, they are capable of healing in record time, which minimises the risk of bare patches on your property.