If you have just found yourself responsible for a new town planning project then you are going to need some professional help. Planning a new development is a complex operation and you must put together a dedicated, professional team to take ownership of every aspect of the planning process and guide the operation through to the end.

To begin the town planning process you will need to find an architect who can draft an initial design that follows your specification. Once you have your architect in place you can begin assembling the rest of your team.

Building the right team

Successful town planning needs a dedicated group of town planners working on the project to ensure that every detail is covered and that nothing is forgotten. This group of town planners will be responsible for the day-to-day job of completing the project so before you appoint them it is always worthwhile to examine past projects the team have completed and ensure that they were completed to a high standard. You should always check that they have the experience you need in partnering with local authorities to carry the project all the way to a successful conclusion.

All town planners are different. There are town planners who enjoy the challenge of working with self builders, there are others who concentrate on public sector work, while others mainly involve themselves with industrial planning. These are all skilled areas of expertise, but if you want your project completed successfully it is always best to find a town planner who mainly works on schemes similar to yours. The more experience they have in projects like yours the easier it will be for them to pilot your planning application. They will be able to anticipate possible objections and have solutions ready to answer every situation.

Building the right relationship

Skills are important but as you will be working with your town planners every day it is vital that you pick a team that you can trust to make good decisions and to take good care of your project. You need a positive working relationship with them. If you are constantly checking each of their decisions personally you are not going to have the time you need to concentrate on other parts of the project.

Choose your town planning team carefully, and once you have selected them have the confidence to let them get on with the job while you focus on the parts of the project where your expertise lies.