Are you thinking of building on a piece of land you own? If you are making any decisions about land purchase or building, it is important that you have an up-to-date survey completed. Surveying your land properly before you start building will prevent many difficulties from arising later in the process.

What will a survey tell you?

Surveying your property will ensure that you know exactly what you own, and it will identify any restrictions on land usage that could prevent you making use of the land in the way you want. Once these details have been established, the person surveying your land will then be able to proceed and physically identify the exact spot where you are going to build. They will accurately measure the land and pinpoint both the boundaries of your land and the spot where the building will take place. This ensures that no disputes about your construction will take place with your neighbours at a later time.

How will the survey be used?

It is the role of the surveyor to take the information in your property deed and identify exactly what that looks like on the ground. Providing the local planning commission with accurate measurements of your land allows you to demonstrate exactly where your proposed building work will take place and what it will look like on the ground. It is the detailed information provided by the survey that will support your building applications. If you don't survey your land properly or fail to follow the details provided in your planning application, you run the risk of serious legal issues in the future, and perhaps even being forced to demolish your new building because it is in the wrong place.

How will the surveying take place?

Before the surveyor visits your site, they will gather all the relevant data on the land and assess it. They will then accurately measure your site and conduct a detailed investigation of the area. Everything they discover will be complied into a detailed report covering both the legal and the topographical information. You can then take this report and use it to support your applications to the planning commission.

Surveying your property is a vital step in the building process. Don't make the mistake of trying to cut corners here. Your survey is what demonstrates exactly what you own and what you are free to do with your land. Arrange for your survey before you start to build.