Renovating a home is a time filled with decision making and choices. Now that spring has arrived, many homeowners are tackling their home renovations list again. As someone who is renovating a bathroom for the first time, your mind is overwhelmed with the choices you need to make. Sinks, shower styles, tiles and faucets are all items which need an update in your bathroom. 

But, while you are considering these items, you also need to add bathroom mirrors to the list. The mirror is the thing which helps set your mood for the day if you like what you see reflected back at you. Here are three mirror ideas to help you make the perfect glass choice for your new bathroom.

1. Large Round Mirror

If you decide to have twice bathroom sinks installed as part of your renovation, then consider a large round mirror hung centrally between the sinks. The size of the mirror means plenty of light gets reflected around the bathroom, and this is particularly useful if your bathroom is small and you want to make it appear larger. The only downside to this option is if you and your partner like to get ready at the same time each morning. In that instance, there may be some competition to use the mirror. If you think there will be a competitive problem, then choose two smaller round mirrors and hang one over each sink.

2. Add A Shelf Interest

If you want to make your mirror more interesting than just a piece of glass on the wall, then choose a mirror which has a shelf running through the bottom part of it. Not only do you get the mirror you need, but you can keep your morning toiletry needs close by. Plus, it adds aesthetic interest to the room.

3. Thick Framed Mirrors

A mirror with a thick frame also adds a lot of interest to a bathroom but be sure to choose a frame that works well with the amount of steam generated from your hot shower. Wood frames absorb moisture and will swell over time if they are not properly sealed. Thick aluminium frames, however, catch the eye and be purchased in any colour that you like, so you can choose a frame that works best with your other bathroom features.

Your glass supplier has a myriad of mirror options to liven up your bathroom, so take this opportunity during renovation time to pick a new mirror which really adds some oomph to this room of your house.