Everyone wants to live in luxury but unfortunately the cost of this lifestyle is beyond most people's means. Over time many things that were seen as exclusive become more affordable to the general consumer but this is a trickle rather than a flood. It is important to utilise these small pieces of classic luxury when you can to make your house feel like more of a home you want to live in. There is no better place to begin this transformation than your bathroom where feeling clean and pampered are of the utmost importance.

Glass Shower Screens

Glass as a material is quite new to the bathroom, as it is only in recent decades where it could be reliably manufactured to withstand the conditions of heavy indoor use. A glass shower screen makes your bathroom flow into one beautiful room and makes it feel far less cluttered. Glass shower screens also look beautiful when they catch the light from the fading sun and become a whole artistic feature on their own. In addition to this glass shower screens are very sturdy and can take a lot of punishment as they are generally made of a special, reinforced type of glass that is built for durability. 

Expansive Windows

Of course, if you are going to have a glass shower screen you need a large window to complete the feeling of endless space. Expansive windows add a natural connection to your environment. Generally, bathrooms are located to the back of the house, so there is less of a privacy concern. Another important feature of these windows is that they should be able to be opened so that you can experience the breeze. You can get big windows for much cheaper than in the past, and having them installed can take less than a day.

Wicker Chair

One defining trait of luxury is that it never should feel like it is in a rush but rather everything is designed for you to do in your own time. Many high-end bathrooms have some form of seating in them, either for women to powder their nose or men to relax after a steaming shower. Whatever the case may be, a wicker chair is a great option for bathrooms as it is able to sustain a lot of moisture without losing its structural integrity. Pair it with a simple cushion and you have a great place to relax in your must luxurious space.