When you think of scaffolding, you are probably envisioning platforms that are utilised in large-scale construction projects. Therefore, if you are looking to carry out a small job around your property or if you want to want to undertake some remodelling tasks at an elevated height, you could be thinking that a ladder platform will be just as functional as scaffolding. However, you are not considering the reasons why scaffolding is the top selection for elevated jobs over ladders, even though ladders have been around for centuries. So before you set up a ladder platform, read on to learn determinants indicating that scaffolding will be the best option for your particular job.

Evaluate the height and obstacles

Performing a job at a height is not only about being off the ground. It is also necessary to assess how high you will be so that you can determine what platform will be best for the project. For instance, if you will be working at a substantially great height, scaffolding is will provide you with peace of mind when working due to its stability when compared to a ladder platform. In addition to this, evaluating the site will also enlighten you of potential obstacles that are best navigated by scaffolding rather than a ladder.

The number of people on the job

If you are working on your own as a one-man show, then you have much more flexibility in making decisions regarding what platform will be best for you. However, the moment that you are working with one or multiple other people, it is crucial to consider their safety. For starters, not everybody is fit enough to work on a ladder for an extended period of time. Not to mention that some people may not be as surefooted as you are. Hence, for the safety of everyone involved, projects comprising multiple people should be carried out on scaffolding.

The scope of the tasks

The third consideration you should have in mind before you decide on the type of scaffolding is the scope of the tasks that you need to complete. Take, for example, a painting project. If all you are doing is painting the exterior of a property, then a ladder will suffice since you are not engaging in multiple jobs. On the other and, if you are undertaking a painting job that requires additional tasks such as patching and other preparation measures, then you will find that scaffolding will be best suited for your task. While numerous other projects may require you to consider formwork, always establish how encompassing the work will be before you decide on which platform will be best.