Most carparks in the cities that make up the bulk of Australia's populated areas are made with concrete for a number of reasons. It is relatively cheap, easy to create large, multi-storey structures with and it lasts for a long time. However, the last point there does have a caveat: concrete carparks last a long time if they have had a proper carpark sealing applied to them. Carpark sealing ensures you need to do far less ongoing maintenance and can save you a lot of money in your first year alone.

Here are a few reasons why carpark sealing is so important.

Protects The Foundations

You might not realise this, but even cement and concrete are not totally solid materials. In fact, concrete is quite porous as far as building materials go. This means that, over time, rain and other liquids will make their way down to the foundations of your concrete. This can cause problems by either eroding away this vital bottom layer of concrete or it can create massive holes in the dirt underneath your foundations, causing cave-ins and cracks. A carpark sealing is made of non-porous material (often an epoxy variant) that stops water from getting to the weaker layers of concrete beneath the surface. 

Stops Wear And Tear

Concrete is very strong when it comes to holding up weight but it is less strong when you talk about whether it is able to be scratched or dented. All it takes is for one low-riding trailer to smash into the ground for the concrete to begin chipping away. These small chips quickly turn into potholes and require a lot of effort and money to fill in properly. Carpark sealing makes the surface of your carpark far more resistant to scratching and gouging that cause so much of this general wear and tear. Your carpark really isn't finished until the final layer of sealant has been applied.

Looks Better For Longer

Motorists have a lot of options when it comes to where to park in urban areas, and if you want them to park in your spaces, then you need to keep them looking presentable. Now, that doesn't mean you have to gussy up your carpark every day before opening, but it does mean that you should want to avoid large skid marks, paint spills and other stains on the surface of your concrete. After sealing, carparks are easier to clean and will stop many of these elements from becoming permanent fixtures that cannot be removed.