Many people in an average neighbourhood will choose to secure their property with a timber fence. After all, this type of solution is very popular due to its relative cost and because it is so aesthetically pleasing. If you're looking for a fencing solution and are thinking about timber, you may be looking at a couple of different options when it comes to installation. Should you choose concrete posts to secure your compound, or go for a top-quality fencing timber? What are the pros and cons?

Security and Durability

Obviously, a fence is only as strong as the posts that link all the elements together, and this is a crucial consideration from not just a security but a durability point of view. You need to make sure that your fence stands up in all kind of weather conditions including those brutal winds that will often accompany a storm.

Pros and Cons

Concrete is definitely sturdy and durable and is unlikely to fail in even the worst windstorm. However, this type of solution will be much more difficult to install due to the amount of space required and the type of material involved. You will need to ensure that the concrete is well maintained as well, as it can still be vulnerable to degradation. In the worst-case scenario, concrete will begin to spall if the reinforcement within is exposed to moisture.

Matching Sections

You may have to be quite creative if you want to match any concrete post to your timber fence. They may not complement each other from a purely aesthetic point of view, and it may be quite challenging to attach the timber securely to the concrete structure. When you choose a quality timber fence post, on the other hand, they are purposely made for the job. They will be equally as sturdy as the fence sections themselves, and the whole job will blend into one.

Simpler Solution

While you will certainly need to treat the posts at the same time as you treat your fencing sections in the future, you are at least dealing with an identical product. This will make it easier and cheaper from your budgetary point of view.

Timber Wins Out

All in all, it is best if you choose high-quality timber for both your posts and your fence. Talk with your fence providers to see what options they have available for your new project.