Having a pool is something that many homeowners consider. In fact, you may have a specific plan for your potential swimming pool. As you move closer to begin construction, you may notice that you will only be able to enjoy it during certain times of the year. Though other homeowners may be fine with the limited usage, you may want to use the area year round. Here are a few upgrades to consider during pool construction to help you enjoy the finished pool throughout the year.

Heated Pool

One of the top upgrades you can have done during pool construction is to add a heating system. This will allow you to have a heated pool throughout the year. You can set the heat on a timer or you can set it to a certain amount during colder seasons. One upgrade you may want to consider to help keep your pool comfortable and at the right temperature is a cover. These covers can range from slide on covers to remote controlled insulated options.

Solar Pool Heater

If you don't want to have a heating pump or heated pool upgrades installed, you can opt for a solar pool heater. These come in two different options. One of the options is to use solar heating devices that are placed inside the pool and use the sun to heat the pool throughout the day. The other option is a solar pool heater that is actually a cover. The cover stays in place when you are not using the pool. While covering the pool it takes on the solar power from the sun and uses it to heat the pool making it ready whenever you want to go for a swim.

Pool Enclosures

You may think that a pool enclosure is only for the winter. The truth is a pool enclosure is one way to help you use your pool throughout the year regardless of the weather. The pool enclosure can be screened or you can go for a full upgrade giving yourself an enclosed glass pool enclosure. The glass can be equipped with weather proof glass and retractable awnings or blinds. The enclosure can keep out cold winds, snow, rain, and heavy glaring sun. When combined with solar heating or a heated pool of any kind you offer yourself a comfortable and welcome pool retreat. 

If any of these pool upgrades sound ideal for you, contact your local pool contractor. They can help you with developing your ideas. They can also help with setting a time to start your pool construction. If you have questions about specific upgrades of services they offer, ask during your consultation appointment.