If you are building a home, and you are at the point where the residence needs painting, you can rest assured that it is only a matter of time before you move in and enjoy your new house. Nonetheless, before you can do that, you must select the right paints for this stage, or you will end up inconvenienced prematurely by having to engage in residential repainting. In addition to choosing the right colour scheme, read on for the various paint finishes that you can select for the interior of your custom home build.

A matte finish

Professionally referred to as a flat finish, this option is characterised by its non-reflective nature. Hence, it is perfectly suited to keeping blemishes on the wall inconspicuous to the eye and, subsequently, helps with enhancing the visual appeal of a room. The main drawback of this type of finish is that it tends to make a space seem darker than it is. However, you can remedy this by opting for a bold colour, transforming the area it is painted into a feature wall!

For example, a bold navy blue or red paint in a matte finish will be an ideal choice for your TV wall, as it adds visual interest to the space. When shopping for matte finish paints, you will come across the washable variety. Inquire from your painter if this option is worth the cost or not depending on the rooms in which you will use the flat finish.

A gloss finish

If you would like paints that are more reflective for your home, you have the option of choosing gloss finishes. You should know, though, that these finishes are available in two main options: semi-gloss and high gloss. Semi-gloss finishes are ideal when you want a subtle lustre for example on the doors of your home, window frames, moulding and more. This variety of gloss finish is also suited to wet rooms in the house, from the laundry room to the bathroom, as it is capable of withstanding exposure to a humid environment.

High gloss finishes, on the other hand, will give the surfaces they are painted on a bright and glistening appearance. This is shiny lustre is perfect when you want to enhance the illumination in the room, as it is the most reflective option available. A great thing about semi- and high gloss finishes is that they are easy to keep clean. Moreover, the high gloss variety is virtually stain-resistant, making it great for nurseries and playrooms.

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