If you plan to purchase property in the future, don't proceed without a land survey. You might think that you can purchase property without a survey, but that's not necessarily the case. A land survey provides information about the property that you might not get any other way. Unfortunately, it's unknown information that can cause serious problems with property purchases. Before you buy your property, read the information provided below. You'll find four very important reasons to obtain a land survey first. 

Avoid Purchase Confusion

If you're buying undeveloped land, don't proceed without a land survey. It's not always easy to identify property lines, especially where subdivided property is concerned. If the property you plan to purchase is part of a larger plot of land, start with a land survey. The land survey will provide you with detailed boundary lines of where your property begins and ends. That way, there's no property line confusion later on. 

Avoid Easement Constraints

If you're in the process of buying property, but you don't know where the easements lines are located, a land survey can help. Easements can be held by adjoining landowners, such as where a right-of-way for access exists. However, easements can also be held by local government agencies, such as for road expansion or for other necessary improvements. If you're not aware of the easement lines, you might inadvertently improve on land that isn't legally yours to use. That's where the land survey comes in handy. Once you have the land survey, you'll know exactly where the easement lines are, which will allow you to avoid any constraints. 

Avoid Property Encroachments

If you're purchasing property that adjoins land that's had improvements made, you want to avoid property encroachments. Encroachments exist when a neighbouring landowner makes improvements on your property. This can happen when property lines aren't clearly defined prior to improvement. A land survey will help you to identify any encroachments that might exist prior to purchase. However, the survey will also help you to avoid future encroachments by defining those property lines for you and for the neighbouring landowner. 

Avoid Issues Related to Flooding

Finally, if you're ready to purchase land, you want to make sure that the property you purchase isn't subject to flooding. Seasonal flooding can destroy your property. To avoid issues related to flooding, it's important that you invest in a land survey. One of the benefits of a land survey is that it identifies flood zones, which is beneficial when buying property. 

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