A retaining wall is a great way to prevent erosion if your garden is steeply sloped. By installing a retaining wall, you can prevent rain from washing away the soil that you rely on to support your lawn, flower beds, or any other features you want to have in your garden. There are many styles of retaining walls that you can use for this purpose. Here are a few of the most popular.

1. Terraced Retaining Wall

Terraces have been used for many years on the steep slopes of Mediterranean countries to protect olive groves and other crops. By constructing multiple small walls on a steep slope, you can interrupt the flow of water down the slope, which helps to prevent erosion. Terraced retaining walls can be used to contain raised beds or outdoor ponds in a steeply sloped garden.

2. Rock Retaining Wall

If you are keen to maintain a natural look in your garden, then a rock retaining wall is the ideal choice. This type of retaining wall is made from stones and rocks, which naturally leave spaces between them. Packing these spaces with soil creates a strong wall that can stand up to storms and the passage of time. To make your rock retaining wall as strong as possible, add plants to the soil that it retains. Their roots will grow into the soil-filled gaps in the wall, helping to make its construction as strong as possible.

3. Concrete Retaining Wall

If durability is the most important factor in your retaining wall decision, then a concrete wall is a great choice. Concrete walls are resistant to climate-related weathering, which means that they can perform well for many years, helping to maintain the health and integrity of your garden. To make your concrete retaining wall as strong as possible, you must ensure that it has a good base depth.

4. Cinder Block Retaining Wall

Cinder blocks might not be the most attractive construction material, but they are very strong. They are made of steel bars embedded inside the concrete. Contractors stack them upon each other, using mortar to ensure a very strong construction. To make your cinder block retaining wall more attractive, you can choose to add a stone facade. The biggest benefit of a cinder block retaining wall is that it is extremely strong, which means that it can provide your garden with many years of protection.