If you are a property owner or developer, there is a need for a land survey to understand the exact boundaries and other essential features. By hiring a land surveyor, you receive comprehensive reports on property features, easement locations and heights, etc. This post discusses three scenarios you might want to hire a licensed land surveyor before developing your property, including:

Ascertaining Boundary Lines 

If you have an existing property or planning to develop a new one, a licensed land surveyor can help you determine its precise boundary lines. Doing so provides you with correct measurements regarding the exact location of your property. Such critical information is essential in resolving potential boundary conflicts with your neighbours. 

If you are buying property, a land surveyor can help you identify current features on the property regarding existing boundaries to avert illegal encroachment. It ensures that you purchase what you pay for after land acquisition. The same applies to scenarios where you want to extend your current home or business premises. 

Location of Visible Utilities 

Your local jurisdictions and utility companies reserve the right to maintain their assets whether they are located on your property or not. Therefore, before commencing your construction project, it's imperative to understand the location of all visible utilities. A reputable land surveyor uses various techniques to identify and locate critical utilities like telephony and power poles, drainage systems and other forms of visible utilities on the property. 

Furthermore, qualified land surveyors understand all the restrictions set by utility firms you're required to adhere to. They will help you develop your property without interfering with essential utilities and ensure that techniques used help protect vital assets. For instance, if the municipal sewer line passes through your property, you might need concrete encasement approval from your local council. A professional land surveyor will help you determine sewer lines and appropriate permits required before construction. 

Adjoining Neighbouring Properties

According to the approved architectural plans, a professional land surveyor will demarcate the property by placing physical marks. The specialists will then offer sketches defining the appropriate measurements and location of the boundary marks. 

Finally, land surveyors perform a conclusive survey and report after accomplishing your construction project. This crucial survey will show any finished heights and locations of the new structures concerning property boundaries. It is a mandatory requirement for acquiring the Occupation Certificate from Principal Certifying Authority. 

These are the three scenarios you might need the services of a certified land surveyor. Always choose licensed, experienced and insured land surveyors to avoid problems with your local authorities or neighbours.  

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